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I was invited to join Women of Strength and Inner Beauty and became a proud Member January 23, 2002. I then decided to sign up for Garden of Creators Beginners Class for not only the Web fellowship but to learn new and exciting graphic skills. I am new at WebPage Design and look forward to expanding my creative horizons. These are the first of my humble attempts at my first two assignments. I know I have much to learn and that is why I am here and know that I'm in good hands with experienced Designers to guide me. My goal is to become a Webmistress whose work stands out alone in a crowd.

I probably will never reach the point "where I've learned everything I need to know" and be satisfied. I shall forever evolve and be thirsty for the knowledge to know more and metamorphasize beyond what I thought possible of my own potential. Come watch me grow, and better yet, let our imaginations grow together. We can all be a United Web Force to be Reckoned with because, we are, as our Membership implies, Women of Strength and Inner Beauty. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing what we have learned and overcoming the obstacles of our own fearful insecurity of succeeding.


May there be, augh, 200 more years sounds reasonable enough to ask, don't you think?

First assignment was to create a name tag for myself:

(Completed January 23, 2002)

As you've probably already guessed, I love horses, especially white ones. I raise Tennessee Walking Horses, so it's natural for me I guess to implement horses in the majority of my artwork.

Second assignment was to create an Easy Cut-Out Sig Tag:

(Completed January 23, 2002)

Going back through the Library, I noticed the Key Chain started off 2002, I think. Anyway, I began this Assignment and in the middle, realized, hey, I don't think I can do this, I'm just a Beginner in PSP7. Anyway, Tina and Veronica encouraged me to tredge on so that's exactly what I did. Sorry to say though, due to my inexperience, I managed to really mess up the Assignment for this KeyChain.

I have to admit working on this thing was one of the hardest PSP projects I've personally ever been faced with. Working with all those Raster Layers, Whew!!! What a workout . . .  My attempt at artwork here, I'm afraid, is the Poster-Child for "What Not To Do!!!" I know exactly what happened - I merged too soon and therefore wasn't able to go back to the Fake Background layer to delete because I had already merged all, (duh!!!) so I was stuck with this wonderful Red Hot Background that my Gif Optimizer Wizard couldn't even get rid of. So ladies, I just decided at that fatal point to do the best I could with my obvious mistake and move on........hopefully I learned something from all of this besides sudden hair loss and heart palpatations. Like how much more I need to learn for starters and that I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I have to keep telling myself, that's why I'm here, right? That should make me feel better. (Okay Susan, now's the cue, feel better, feel better).  : ( 

Anyway, here's the Poor thing..........don't feel too sorry for it . . . If you look hard enough, I'm sure you'll find some blood, sweat and tears dripping off of it and even imbedded in the key (somewhere). . .

(Attempted Completion January 26, 2002)

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