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Here is yet another poem about Lance, the white Great Dane Puppy. As you can probably tell, we were deeply affected by his unexpected and sudden death. Through the course of our lives, like anyone, we have lost animals in their infancy, youth and ripe old age, and have been saddened and touched by their loss, but nothing has come close to touching us like this dog.

I often wondered if his specialness (the fact that he was deaf) and that he clung hard to us endeared us more to him, for his passing tore us up bigtime and I just can't imagine how we survived it. He touched us in a place that I never thought existed until he came into being, and then when he passed, he took it with him, and a giant hole was left in its place, never again to be filled in that same, identical spot. The fact that I've always been a writer has helped tremendously with dealing with the immense grief, despair and profound loss we both feel to this day. So this Website will be sprinkled with many poems inspired by this wonderful creature who we feel without a doubt was just an Angel passing through...



	leaning down,
at the moment of his Parting
when the Life went out of him,
	the Lights went out
	in our Heart, all
				Crumbling Darkness
as we Dismantled
			Into a Vapor of Grief.

Not to forget that Emptiness,
	so etchingly cruel,
scraping our Soul,
spiraling to the Sky in a vortex
	of chaotic Gloom,
every inch of our fibre
	a Broken Shell
intertwined in a Melancholy Mirage.

I would Know you
by the Sadness of your face - -
		a Masterpiece of Sorrow
		drawn across my melted Shadow.

This puppy we loved and held
left us to a World
	where few Knew the Gifts
	he offered us so Sweetly.

*Goodbye Sweet Angel*

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