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God created the Heavens, the Earth, the Sky and then he created Max...

This Page is dedicated to Max. When people ask me what kind of dog Max is, I tell them - well, he's a hybrid - - half dog, half human. I swear he knows some of the English language. Howard's known Max longer than he's known me. When Max entered Howard's Life at a turning point, his world was then forever altered. Max gave Howard something to live and strive for. He was, and continues to be (even at fourteen years of age) always there for him. He's been a constant. So this song, You Are My Hero, is dedicated to You Max. I think it's very fitting for a dog, who, among a thousand other wonderful things that are the essence of you, You will always be Howard's Hero.

I hope I can measure up to be Howard's other one. - susan

ps. Thanks, Max, for being my hero too.

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