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remembrance of a pain I can't define
something touching Loss and losing definition

having held such Sweet Remembrance, now torn,
cruelly broken from its taut embrace

your love,
swift as silent tears
all wagging body and devoted heel -
now gone, incoherent with stillness ever changing

forever I shall miss your blue eyes searching
holding on with such calm tenacity, question and wonder
your seemingly endless fight not to lose

not forgetting how hard I fought alongside you
how hard I would hug your
safe warmth, all fur and fire, alert
to nocturnal symphonies

you would lift all muzzle to the frozen
stars and chase unseen Demons back to Hades

Remembrance: gossamer glow of after-dream
twilight sensation of touching sorrow
left quivering in its still-born hour of
Unborn Gloom

with indescribable emptiness shall I always
remember you: a Puppy that never lived to be a Dog . . .

and though I romp with another - he is not you, my Lance,

he loves with fatal limitation

his intensity is fragile

he never ached like you

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