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This Page is dedicated to Lance, a snow-white Great Dane God had sent me for just a short while. Lance was born deaf and his breeder wanted to put him to sleep, but my husband and I fell in love with him at first sight. We had him trained with hand-signals and for his short seventeen months of life, he was a perfect little gentleman. He was a true Soldier and he fought for every inch of his Life, but he was not alone in this fight, we fought with him desperately, not wanting to let go even for a Moment. But you know the old saying, Life happens when you're out there making other Plans and that's just the point, God had other plans for him. We were blessed with the time we had with him. We love and have loved many animals, but none have touched us in the same place as this Dog. He was so special and such a sweet gift that I ache when I think of his absence. So Lance, this song Soldier Boy, is dedicated to you, who taught me to fight for what you want even if it means you won't win in the end, there's a Gift waiting even at the end of some broken rainbows. And you were just that, a Precious Gift, just an Angel Passing Through. We loved you dearly, sweet Lance, until we meet again in that Heavenly Dance, Susan & Howard.

Soldier Boy
Angels Come and Angels Go Leaving you to taste the wind they Blow Enticing you to smile Away all tears that Flow Leaving the scent of Roses to dance in the Snow They Watch Love unwind And continue to Grow Until it is their time to go……… When I asked God for an Angel He briefly sent you So that I would Know.-susan

Goodbye Soldier Boy, you fought a good fight.

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Poem to Lance "A Puppy's Death"

Poem to Lance "When All Is Said and Done"

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