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"All Things Must Pass . . ." and so he did,
November 30, 2001, the "Quiet" Beatle George Harrison
forever in this Life laid down his Guitar,
leaving us to gently weep.-susan

And what would a Dedication Website be without mention of the Beatles?

I was nine years old when these four lads from Liverpool appeared on the scene like a whirlwind from some musical dream, forever changing my prospective, my influence, my way of thought and way of life, all perception was altered, everything my Soul breathed came out Beatles, and all that was exhaled. At the tender age of fifteen, before I knew what the "corporate world of establishment" was all about, I became the Secretary of the Beatles Fan Club for the Parish of Jefferson, in Metairie, Louisiana, where I grew up. I was never the same.

Their music and their lives was an enormous impact on my them I found a Freedom, but then, so too, at the price of my innocence forever Lost.

They inspired me to discover a world I wasn't ready to see, and they gave me the confidence to hold my head up when the world wasn't ready for me.

I can never thank the Beatles enough for a Lifetime of Music that shall, indeed, outlive us All!!! Humbly, I thank them for Songs that shall live in Eternity...that's a long time to listen...

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