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I named her Angel because that's how she came to us. When I first saw her, she was wild and wouldn't come to us. Months later, Howard saw her on his way home and stopped and got out and called to her gently. He knew I wanted this dog that resembled a white Artic Wolf with piercing blue eyes for a long time, but she didn't trust people at first. She accepted our help now because she was pregnant, and she allowed us to enter her Life. She jumped in Howard's truck and he brought her home to me and you can imagine the look on my face when I saw her jump out and come greet me. I just bent down as she licked my tears and I lost my fingers in that thick luxurious coat for the first time. The first words I said to her were "you're an angel-girl" and I guess the name stuck. Two months later, this angel delivered 7 beautiful puppies. She definitely is an Angel. We kept her for about a year and then gave her to a great home. Sometimes true love means letting it go no matter how much it hurts, just so that someone else can experience it too. So that's what I did - - I loved her so much that I let her go like a butterfly, to fly into the heart of another family in desperate need of such a dog. She follows her new owners to Church and is allowed to go inside during the Mass. How many Preachers and congregation would allow that? I guess they realize too she's pretty special.

The song playing is What is Love. Angel's brief journey into our Soul taught us the essence of Love: how fragile, beautiful and short-lived it can be - like butterflies. So this dog I wanted and loved so much for so long merely moved on to teach others what her magic gift had taught us. It lingers still...