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Ebony's Vanilla Sundae "Vanilla"

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Watch Vanilla turn into her filly, Dessi

Vanilla has impressive, impeccable papers that read right out of a Walking Horse History Book with all the old foundation bloodstock top and bottom- she is the Great Granddaughter of Midnight Sun on top, the Great Granddaughter of Ebony Masterpiece on the bottom; then she's a Great Great Granddaughter of Merry Boy on top, with Rodger's Perfection on the bottom and further down, Wilson's Allen on top. Vanilla also sports Mack K Handshaker lines further on down. She is a glowy snow-white in color. From extensive research and courtesy observation of experienced breeders out there of exotic colors in the horse industry, I have learned and come to find out that Vanilla's color is the result of her being a Sabino Maximum, which, in essence, means she just as easily could have born "black" because she herself comes from a line of sorrels and blacks. But Vanilla carries this rare "Dominant White Gene" which not only she has, but she has passed on to all her light-colored foals, most of which have been Sabino Maximums, or Dominant Whites, like herself, even when bred to solid black stallions. She has beautiful dark brown eyes, soulful like a fawn, a reflection, I guess, of what sweetness imminates from within. And fortunately, the Sabino Gene does not carry LWG, or, the traceable Lethal White Gene, so none of her foals will inherit this sad and almost always fatal syndrome that kill foals within the first three months of life. (To learn more about Lethal White, check out my links page - Overo Lethal White Syndrome, Stalking Overo Lethal White Syndrome, and another good one, What Is A Sabino.) Vanilla is a "rare treasure" I've been told. But I knew that anyway . . .

Vanilla is the show horse of the family and has been professionally shown and won in the Alabama Racking Division Competition. She is the horse that the majority of times leads on long trail rides because she will go anywhere - - over bridges, through creeks, across highways with motorcycles blaring by, dogs nipping at her heels - she'll do anything or go anywhere that I ask of her. She is the model horse to ride when we have a younger, less experienced horse riding beside her because that horse is sure to pick up on her sweet disposition, surety of foot, and fearless attitude toward unknown terrain and stimuli.


Vanilla can rack her brains out even barefoot, so you really have to hold on because she's always ready to go and doesn't let up for a moment on that tireless head-bobbing gait. She has a superior willing, people-loving, big-heart disposition that she passes on to her foals. She's a rush to ride and a joy to own, a true ambassador mare for the Tennessee Walking Horse breed.

I've had geldings most of my life, and although in the past several years I've had my share of mares, Vanilla is the first mare I have loved almost as much as my first horse Gabriel, who was a special gelding. See Gabriel's page if you haven't already. Vanilla and I bonded the first moment I rode her, and our relationship to this day has only deepened. There is ultimate, pure trust between us, and it's beautiful and I cherish it. She's the kind of horse that makes you "feel good" when you're around her, even nervous strangers that meet her for the first time are affected by her soothing calm instantly. Needless to say, I bought her immediately after that first wonderful ride in the North Carolina mountains where she was from. I sold Vanilla's baby, Flash's Pushin Destiny "Dessi", a snow-white Pusher filly. See Dessi in the Foals Sold Link.

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   in my wildest dreams she dances, immersed in clouds of Heaven's glitter-sprinkled dust . . .and as she glides through the paces of my heart, she soothes the wounds of my Soul that knew such loneliness without her.

to be with her is like God smiling down at me to say, now you understand the Gift and Meaning of Oneness.- Susan, Vanilla's human -


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