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Van was a Registered White Male Persian with one blue eye and one gold eye. He came from Championship bloodlines, but we didn't show him. He was just a pet until one day we came home from out of town and he was gone. We were heartbroke. We don't know what happened to him. He was either stolen or killed because I know he would have come home to us. Howard told me that Van "visited" him in his dreams, wanting him to know how he died so we wouldn't go on mourning and try to move on. So we move on in silence, no one to hear the hush of our own private sadness. Wherever you are Van, Sweet Dreams.

In a moment of twilight thought
i felt a shadow cross
as if to enter inside
and touch my frozen grief

it left a glimmer of you
in memory's closing breath
to rest forever inside
dusk's sweet and restless dreams. . .Susan