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The only known picture I can find of Troy. Sorry it's not very good. He was half Arabian/half American Saddlebred, except Troy didn't have that distinct gait known to Saddlebreds.

I was a member of a Riding Club for five years and we used to ride every year in the Spring Fiesta Parade that went down into the French Quarter of New Orleans. Troy stood out, needless to say, because he was snow white (I have a thing for white horses), and he had two Sky blue eyes. He was a monster to get on - he stood 16.1 hands. He was very gentle for his size and I used to ride him up and down St. Charles Avenue while the Street Car was passing by. I got used to the whistles and hollers, knowing how unusual it was to see a young girl with long blonde hair riding bareback on "the Avenue" atop this huge white horse. Not something you saw everyday.

Unfortunately, I sold Troy due to financial reasons to a friend who kept her horses at the same stable near Audubon Park. It broke my heart, but here's a happy ending: my friend later became a prominent Veterinarian and the last time we spoke recently, she informed me she still owns Troy. And this is the part that is truly amazing: when I sold Troy to her, that was over eighteen years ago. She said he was one of the best horses she ever had and that he had become a "true friend" and she learned to ride on him. That made me feel good. For I had always felt too that Troy was more than a horse, he had been a friend, and I'm glad she still has him to this day, eighteen years later, which would make Troy somewhere in his late 20's.