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Rainbow Walkers
Proudly Introduces

its New Future Premier Stallion 

"We're committed to building you colorful Champions of the Future One Star At A Time . . ."

 MEET "Starz" 
The Future Sire of Rainbow Walkers' Cremellos, Palominos and Buckskins

Smoky Black Stud Colt born June 17, 2001

Starz is shown here with his Dam, Supreme Golden Girl,
a deep Golden Palomino.

Starz changing colors. But as he matures, his coat will return to its "Smoky Black" which will have a blueish hue.

A little bit about the color "Smoky Black." Smoky Black is the result of the action of one creme gene on a solid (non-bay) black base. It is often mistaken for seal brown, fading black, "black chestnut" or dark (sooty) bay. Smoky Blacks are a single dilute horse born with blue eyes. Their coats have a sort of smoky blue hue. The Smoky Black, if bred to the correct colored mare, can produce the rare, sought-after blue-eyed Cremellos. For example, by breeding a Cremello to a Smoky Black, the offspring will be Palomino, Cremello, Perlino, Buckskin, or Smoky Black. Starz' Dam above is Supreme Golden Girl, a Golden Palomino; his sire, below, Chances Cream Ghost, is a Perlino Stallion, which is like a blue-eyed Cremello, but Perlinos have a rust colored mane and tail.

Starz' Sire
Chances Cream Ghost,Perlino Stallion
You can see the rust colored mane and tail of Starz' Perlino Sire  

Come watch our new boy grow . . .
and let him bring YOU to the Starz. . .!!!
Click here to see pictures of Starz at his new home - Rainbow Walkers