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my Wildfire. . .

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I ended Easter with you
	soft moonlight
		dancing across your weathered Whiteness, all aglow

your daring
		whinney traveling across the Stillness
		to end in the galloping Air.

You so enhance me to
	Fall, desire unknown,
to new limits . . .

		all askew, not as agile as you,
as your Youth lends itself to unbridled madness.

You reach skyward, and on
	the way back down, acknowledge me
	to come romp with you
in the evening

Time passes . . . at first
you succumbed to me and liked it,
	as huge as you are,
	small leaps in my aura you abounded:

A White Horse
	trying to Know Me Forever, and I loved
you as though it had been.

But you stopped calling me
	to come out to play,
I will always miss your shaking mane and
	dog-like personality.

So I gave you up to
	someone who could bridle that Spirit
and I still think about how you once
	tried to Know Me Forever,

and I will always love you (anyway)
	as though it had been.


Prince's Border created by S.Stumpf ©)

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