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Sir. Lancelot
Strawberry Roan Gelding

I loved this gelding. Unfortunately, his prior owners didn't treat him very well, and I suffered for it. I could never gain his trust as hard as I tried. He'd been beaten, no doubt about it. And once loose in the pasture, he didn't want to give up that freedom...he loved to run!!! I kept him for almost a year, working with him, giving him all my heart, for he was a gentleman to ride, very well-disciplined once you were on his back, he just didn't like really being handled much. When he was cross-tied, and you approached him softly, he'd stand there trembling, expecting the worse. It used to make me feel so bad that I tried even harder to let him know that "I was on his side." Yet, he became the only horse who I could not "break through" to the other side to let him know I was just trying to be his best friend. He tried to accept me, but could not give me 100% of himself. So, unfortunately, I sold him to a trainer who I thought would have better luck with this guy. I don't know what ever happened to him, but I hope he learned to trust humans a little more. Despite all, he still holds a special place in my own wild and skeptical heart. Good luck, my handsome Sir. Lancelot - I will always remember you!!!