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I am proud to be the new Webmistress who now maintains the site of Jeff Brown of Brown Farms, home of Merry Boy F88's Delight, Ace's Silver N Gold, Pusher's Kaleidoscope and other famous Stallions. Maintain in this instance means I did not originally create Mr. Brown's site, but I have now taken over as Webmistress.


Do you want a WebPage that doesn't just blend in among the others but can stand out alone in a crowd? A Web presence built on the threads of originality and creativity?

I am a professional, published writer so I can give your Site an edge on literary curb appeal and uniqueness that will have your viewers coming back for more, asking and wondering to themselves, "how did they do that?" I can create original design graphics such as banners, buttons, logos, layered collages, stand-alone transparent gif images, fantasy-enhanced imagery, unique borders and navigational bars and menus to help your viewers surf your site with ease - all specifically detailed to portray and capture the essence of what you and your Website are all about and how you want that expressed.

I can enhance your existing photos beyond their ordinary, mundane quality and I have an uncanny ability and talent to fathom and create an interplay of synchronized color schematics with natural decorating flair and style. I have state-of-the-art scanning equipment, color printer, high-powered modem and the powerful technological tools like Adobe Photo Deluxe 4.0, PrintShopPro, Harvard Graphics, Media Player Capability (.wav and .mid file formats for background music to add to your site), Camera Wizard, Paint Shop Pro 7 and Jasc Animation Shop to help facilitate in creating all those unique graphical designs.

I have a working knowledge and know-how to create your Website from scratch using HTML Code and Dynamic Drive Script (DHTML), thereby making it easier to manipulate than pre-formatted coded pages. I'm constantly researching, reading and keeping up with the newest, lastest, and coolest effects and improved techniques to make Websites "stand out in a crowd" and yet be browser friendly at the same time. (Currently, I'm researching the mechanisms involved in Live Video Clips on Websites.) I can make your site interactive and exciting with Tables, multiple Interior and Exterior Links, Guest Books, image effects, Counters, animated gifs, marquees (scrolling text), Meta Tags that help Search Engines "find you," Lists, Forms, Image Mapping, Mouse Rollovers, CGI Programs, Java and JavaScript, Applet Effects, all the "tricks of the trade" that personalize your site and make it enticing for your viewers to "stay awhile."

I will assist in getting your Domain Registered so no one else will use or steal your site name; will further promote your Website for optimum exposure through various levels of free and paid submissions, plus link and Banner swap with other well-known sites who reportedly get "big hits." For a nominal monthly fee, I will update and maintain your Website to keep it active and current. You can best believe that I will cover all the bases to quarantee hits on your site, and your entire Website will be a "unique work of art." There will never be "dead links" on your page if you choose me to be your Webmistress!!!

I will take just as much pride in your Website as though it were my own, for the way I look at it, each Website I create is its own Resume, so it has to be more than just "good" or "interesting." It has to shine, and be a reflection of who we are and what we what to say, and make people "want" to come back, again and again, even tell their friends about it, bookmark it, add it to their Favorite Lists in their browser, thus two-fold increasing the traffic for your site. The way I look at it, a Website is never "finished" - its a constant work in progress and can always stand for improvement.

Think of a Website as meeting a person for the first time that you want to impress - that first impression is key to any further business relationship, so it's got to stand out.

In today's highly competitive market, if you have something to sell, display, share or some service to offer, a Web presence is no longer a luxury you thought you could never afford - it's almost a necessity if you want to exist in the E-Commerce World and reach millions of potential customers in a single click. Email me with your special needs so we can outline the foundation that will best depict your presence on the Internet. Simply put, the World doesn't know what you have to offer until you "put it out there" and I can get you there in style!!! You Dream It - I'll Create It or if I have to, I'll Dream It For You . . . your imagination is the limit and I aleady know mine is fathomless!!! I will build you a Website you can be proud of as your "second home." You have no excuse to be "web-homeless."

Don't be invisible. . .be Known!! Get a Life!!
Get a Web Presence!!

Are you ready? Let's get started. Click here to go to my Form Questionnaire, and from there you will be linked to my "White Horse Package" deal.


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