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Hi, I'm Poco. I'm triple-registered and I look like a Stallion but I'm a gentle Walking Horse mare standing stocky and tall at 16hh. I love to trail ride and Howard has trail ridden me extensively from the pastures of Mississippi, through government land in Bogalusa with 140 acres of endless trails, to the Smoky Mountain National Parks of North Carolina, and in a National Forest here in Colorado already, so I've seen everything from waterfalls, bridges, highways, steep inclines, rushing/roaring creeks, deer in the path, hunters in trees, you name it. I'm flashy and know that I would make a nice Parade Horse, too, because I'm not afraid of loud sounds, but Susan and Howard just prefer to trail ride, that's their passion. For breeding purposes, (though I'm waiting patiently to have my first baby), I am also the grand-daughter of the famous "Marshall Dillon," so I will carry on the legendary bloodlines of Merry Go Boy. See more of my pictures on my own personal page, Poco's Page

Geesh, I thought Poco would never stop going on about herself. Well, I'm Oreo. And I don't need an introduction . . . well, just kidding. Poco's the boss so I thought I'd just get my last word in while I had the chance. Though not ridden as extensively as Poco, I have been trail ridden some and I'm a willing mare and would do anything for you. I'm easier to catch in the field than the others, I'll come right to you because I love people. I follow you around and I love to be groomed. I also would make a great Parade Horse, look at me!! I have the old foundation stock in my bloodlines of Ebony Masterpiece, Midnight Sun, and Mack K. I'm striking in color on both sides, my mane is half black, half white, I'm also stocky built, but alas, I'm taller than Poco, standing at least 16.1hh. See more of my pictures on my personal page, Oreo's Page

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