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Welcome to Oreo's second Page. Oreo is a striking mare who stands out in a "crowd." What we love about this horse is her wonderful, sweet willing disposition.

I've never met nor owned a horse with such a dog-like personality that loves people so much.

Oreo is micro-chipped and single registered Tennessee Walking Horse. We could have registered her "spotted" and Racking like Poco, but just never got around to it.

Here's Oreo and Poco "hanging out" together, resting in the Sun.

Oreo was my Christmas Present two years ago when I lived in North Carolina. Howard and I both will never forget when we first saw Oreo in a pasture of 50 horses - I could have bought any horse in the field but she "stood out" amongst them all.

She's a grand mare, tall but laid-back to the max. I feel proud and blessed to be owned by her, she's like an "old friend." She's been good to us, not an ounce of trouble, and she was a great mom with the filly Cherokee that she threw for us. Oreo would make a great show or Parade horse but we prefer to trail ride mostly.

With her excellent lineage, her broodmare capabilities are impressive and worthy of carrying on.

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