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These few pictures were taken just recently this new year of 2002 with our new Christmas present, a digital camera. Poco is an awesome horse, very beautiful and huge and commanding in stature and presence. She exhibits a quiet, inner strength, and yet a deafening "look-at-me" demeanor.

Poco is keenly aware how good she looks, and when she's really into her gliding running walk, she bows (arches) her neck in proud display. She demands attention, and is our "alpha mare." She's the pasture boss and will not tolerate anyone else eating, being groomed or petted first. Poco's eyes pierce and hypnotize you with secret intelligence, an all-knowing attitude that waits quietly for you to catch up to her level of what's going on. On trail rides she shows you things that you don't see. She makes you listen to sounds that heard you coming before you were even aware of its veiled existence in the shadows. That's why I chose this song . . . because Poco will, without a doubt, "put a spell on you."

Poco is micro-chipped for identification purposes.

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