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Enter the World of my Wolf, Kody

On these next couple of pages, you will meet the Canadian Tundra Wolf Kodiak "Kody" whose life I shared for five blessed years.

For those of you who have ever owned a "wild animal," you will know the joy and heartache of such a journey. And Kody was a journey, a journey he led, and I followed, and was patient, and therefore, was taught what his World was like.

It was a World intermingled with fragile love, an earning of trust because wolves "don't just give." It was a special world where Nature beat as one, and it beat with my Soul, if I stood long enough in Kody's shadow to listen.

It was a World wrought with tolerated domesticated infringement that always lived on the outskirts of wildness that whimpered just beyond the boundaries I created. Kody was forever reminding me of who and what he was because I would often make the grave mistake of treating him like a "dog." Thank goodness wolves are very "forgiving."

It was a World in which I learned quite fast that his appearance of "tameness" was only his Wildness coming down to a gentler level in his curiosity of me, and the gift of his trust that I had earned. Kody bestowed me with many gifts, his wolf kisses for one, but the best gift he gave me was the times when we could lay down together and look up at the sky, and watch the moon fall and the stars dance.

In those precious moments and at no other time in my Life, I felt as one with his Wolf Spirit and in sync with my Universe. I learned that wolves are content in the company of silence and nature's splendor, and they take the time to smell the roses, and they know of the death of a rose, and they go find another one, but not without lamenting over the first one. Wolves are in touch with the Cosmos, I am convinced, and their Dreams are like shooting Stars seeking new realms of oneness with themselves, each other, and the World around them.

So too I learned from Kody that love is fragile and strong at the same time. I learned that when a Wolf hears "the call of the wild," he may love you, but his Soul must answer, and when he turns away, it's not because he loves you any less, he figures you should love Him enough to let him go and follow his own shooting stars that beckon him. And I am confident that he took my love of him with him, just as his love of me will always be a part of my aching for him.

The hardest Lesson I learned is that when its time for a Wolf to go, he doesn't look back. Wolves never say goodbye "twice."

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