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"FRECKLES" - I think -

Who is it? Better yet, what is it?

Well folks, look now while you can because you'll never see this dog like this again - it's a "shaved Shih-Tzu."

That's right. The doggie groomer went "scissor-crazie" I guess and how she got "dog-shave" out of "dog-trim" is beyond me, but that's what happened.

We almost didn't recognize her, and Max and Thor and the cats are still trying to figure out "what she is." She's Freckles, she's Freckles, I keep telling everyone.......but no one will believe me. Almost didn't believe it myself but then, she comes to her name, so it must be her. I think Freckles is embarrassed. But heck, she's still cute, don't you think? You gotta love that face!!!

Needless to say, we're in the market for a "new groomer."

Can I follow you Home?Can I follow you Home?

Freckles in "hairier" days . . .