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Our New Addition, a Shih-Tzu

Freckles has come to us in a strange, sad way, but with a definite "happy ending." Her owner, who shares the same Vet as we do, brought three-year old Freckles, a purebred, Shih-Tzu, to have her put to sleep. My Vet asked plain and simple - why? Was there something wrong with the dog, he wanted to know? Not really, the lady had replied. But I work too hard and I don't have time for the dog. She's destructive and has separation anxiety everytime I leave the house. My Vet proceeded to tell the ill-informed woman that there are medications out there to help with dog separation anxiety and it doesn't cost a fortune. When she wasn't buying this either, insistent upon having a healthy dog put to sleep because her life couldn't accommodate the dog in the first place, he offered that she might want to perhaps try to place the dog? Surely a small, cute dog is easier to place than say a Great Dane or German Shepard. Don't have time for that either, she snapped at the Vet. She left the clinic hoping never to return.

But I have the kind of Vet that wasn't going to allow a healthy animal to die just because someone was "tired of it." You see, I happened to be at the Vet Clinic that day with Max our dog who was having an operation and I overheard the receptionist and the Vet back and forth on the speaker phone with this person. They were both upset and I stood there, as shocked as them. When they hung up the phone, I asked my Vet, you're not really going to do that, are you Doctor? I made a quick call to Howard on my Cell Phone and enlightened him of this disheartening situation.

Now we needed another dog like we needed a hole in the head because we've already tried to downsize some, but you know, Howard and I are believers in fate and destiny, and this was, if ever in my Life, a sign, a Gift from God, this little dog.

Howard said let's take her. I got off the phone. I told the Vet that Howard and I will take her when we come back to pick up Max this afternoon. He and the receptionist were elated, knowing the dog was going to a good, spoiled home. So she's with us now, a complete bundle of joy. She has added so much to our Life that I don't really remember a life without her. How did we exist without her in the past, we ask ourselves everyday that she stares into our face with those soft, liquid, soulful eyes? Loveable, obedient, affectionate, a companion to the Soul, what words can I say to express this happy, fun-loving, good-natured, non-destructive dog? I also believe dogs know when you "save them" from a fate of death or just as worse.

If she only knew that "she saved us." Thank you God for yet another Gift.


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