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"Ziggy Stardust and Sexie Sadie"

Ziggy and Sadie

Ziggy and Sadie were our two Pugs. They were in love but due to genetic reasons in the female Sadie, we chose not to breed them. They were a bundle of joy, highly spirited and playful, and a lot of dog in a small package.

It came time again to "downsize" so we gave them to a home that accepted them together so they would not be separated. You always have regrets, and letting Zig and Sadie go was one of them. Not everyone is fond of those "bug eyes" but I think it's cute. Those two together were a force to be reckoned with and could become, if they wanted to be, ferocious enough for the Great Dane to turn away in bewilderment, and he often did.

We miss those lap dogs and their personalities that were bigger than they were. They were a small part of our life, but nonetheless just as valuable and unforgetable as the rest of them, and they hold a special place in a corner of our heart that only a pug could fit.

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