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(to Kody)
like a violin aching to be played, you exist inside unable to touch back replay for me always that dance in my heart that song in my Soul your liquid eyes never to let me Go holding me within proximity of leaping firelight take me with you to the bowels of the earth to the infinity of sky and I'll never look back or never ask why kody - - whose trust i encircled like swollen mist around a sliver of pond at dawn encompassing all enchanted vibrations left unquestioned in the solitude of your departure kody - - you took a piece of me with you to the infinity of earth to the bowels of the sky and i never looked back nor ever asked why forever immortalized deep in the fiber of my consciousness how sweet the music sounds of how you once lived inside that inner stillness and soothed the weeping of my silence

Dedicated to Kody, who taught me all to well
that the loudest of sounds are those left Unspoken

All graphics (including Background) and Poetry created by
and copyrighted to Susan Stumpf of:

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