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love and loss, so interwovenly equal in all intensity you are at once at its steel command swept in the maddening vortex of its artistic stroke: a surreal masterpiece of pain spilling beyond the painted fragments of the hour close to inner explosion in the face of what once ironically seemed as outwardly contained and silent joy but in itself was happiness unravelling and you so give your life and throw yourself at the void of fate like an oblivious arrow born to bleed chancing the threshold of success in that battlefield of uncertainty at the edge of wavering control, you see the glimmer of sanity wave goodbye beautiful and sad, this mental parting the crystal dance of long dead dreams the closing in, when reality finally claims its own the terrible ricochet of horror's emptiness hit stone the feel of ice fused close to bone. who knows, eons once your gone, of the dimensional shadow you desperately traced to keep love Alive who can fathom still, in the tumbling walke of despair undying, the same fragile and instant breath it took to let that same love go . . .

All graphics (including Background) and Poetry created by
and copyrighted to Susan Stumpf of:

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