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 Well folks, it looks like Rainbow Walkers will be headed Westward Bound to the Colorado Rockies!!!

 Have no fear . . . we will set up and have more to offer you in the West - we are buying a 35-acre Ranch in Canon City, Colorado, in the Royal Gorge, Pikes Peak area. Below are pictures of the new location for Rainbow Walkers. All will happen within the next two months and I will update the Website so you will always know where to contact us.

 We will, as always, proudly offer a Rainbow-array of colorful Registered Tennessee Walking Horses, now specializing in Sabino Maximums (solid white horses like Vanilla that carry the "dominant white gene"), Cremellos, Perlinos, Buckskins, Palominos, Smoky Blacks (like our new stallion "Starz" who can produce those exotic colors), and, of course, Spotted/Tobianos, so stay tuned for more exciting events as they gradually unfold. It's only going to get better.

 Below are pictures of the New Colorado Location for Rainbow Walkers, check it out:

This is a picture of the front of the Modular we will be living in until we build our dream home at the top of the ridge. Where the Modular is now will eventually be a 10-stall Red Barn.

This is a view of the mountain ranges to the north of the 35-acre property.

View from top of the ridge behind the Modular where eventually we will build the main house. This overlooks the back of the property with sweeping vistas of long-range mountain views, full of knolls, gullys, sloping land dotted with trees.

This is the front view approaching the property; it has an 800-foot driveway, great for riding young broke horses up and down the dusty road.

This is the view of the mountain ranges behind the house - you can see the house sitting there in the middle - where it backs up to BLM-government land where we can ride forever on endless mountain trails.

This is the view from top of ridge where we will build our house. It faces the 800 foot driveway up to the house and distant mountain ranges. From top of this knoll, we will have 360-degree views of the Colorado Rockies and Pikes Peak National Forest.

 That's it for now. Rainbow Walkers thanks you for taking the time to visit our new Colorado Rockies Ranch. Stick by us - we will have more to offer you - exciting and colorful champions of the future one Star at a Time!!!

Let's Flat-Walk Home