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Gabriel was my first horse, half Belgium, half Arabian. He was so much more than a horse though...he was my best friend. When he died, a part of me went with him, no doubt about it. We did everything together and he taught me in my youth many things about Life.


I will never forget him. If John Edward is right and we meet our animals in Heaven that we shared this Life with, it's Gabriel I hope to see waiting for me at the Pearly Gates so we can be together again. We have so many unfinished rides. I therefore dedicate this Beatles song "In My Life" to Gabriel, for I believe that a horse like him is once-in-a-lifetime and that I shall never have another horse quite like him. I guess I was blessed with the few years we had together, though my attempts have failed to duplicate him. He still lives somewhere deep inside me and not a day goes by that I don't often "feel him". Some bonds are so strong that not even death can break them. Goodbye Gabriel, just on this Earth you're physically not here, and I know someday when the time comes, you will be there waiting for me when the Rainbow opens to let me inside. You live eternally inside me.

You were the source from where it all began:

When love was first offered
And you returned three-fold

When trust was established
And never since fragmented.

I've loved "other" horses
But they haven't come close

The passion you returned
Always when I expected it the least
And yet needed it the most

This Song is For You, Gabriel
White Horse of my Dreams

When the trumpet calls
Come gather my Soul

And ride me past Rainbows
And your favorite streams

Like we did in the old days
In another life

Except this time is forever
To sing you this Song

Shall we share it with others
Who heard it before but
Didn't know the source where it all began . . .

This Song is for you, Gabriel
The Angels all smile

When they see this White Horse
Dance to words he knew all along.


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