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So faint a hint of aching darkness lying in depths of myself whose lack of light and hope breathed it into existence. A sorrow so deep and primeval and profound, within itself it drowned, and became a grief that never before nor again re-surfaced like itself, even for lost humans. So this is what touched me like a lost feather abandoned by wind once realizing the tragedy of its aimless flight. It spiraled downward to pierce beyond my skin, and freeze my reflexes from wanting to touch back. YOU DIDN'T RECOGNIZE ME ANYMORE. Somewhere inside, in a vastness so eternal and incomprehensible, I screamed an anguish that reached an Ocean of stars. It echoed briefly inside a myriad of Lifetimes once I understood for sure that, in this one, you weren't coming back. How could you? my heart mumbled between selfish sobs and Isolated anger . . .thinking how could you do this to me when it was YOU who didn't want to leave . . . Could I forgive the moment my cosmic Soul at once sensed and felt the velvet paw that dangled still between this Life and the Other? Wherein a transition was acknowledged that flooded the fibre of my being: one day again we would reunite because we never were actually severed. Was this then, a "connection?" For, if so, it was then I gave you permission to leave as long as you took apart of me with you now to the other Side. And so in my arms you gently passed along this Life, cradled within your dog-Soul tiny fragments of a human you left behind for just a while . . . to go scout for and "prepare", I'm sure, for that perfect field where we will romp into Forever.

Goodbye Clint - you are Sadly Missed.