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	mind over matter
	is that what you think?
	yet this beautiful waterfall
	is where Dragons still drink

	and the roses you pick
	are alien faces
	waiting to whisk you off
	to other dimensional places

	the leaves that crackle
	beneath you feet

	awake forest Demons
	once hidden in sleep

	and suddenly the road you're on
	is not a familiar sight

	and the daylight's hours
	have become ebony's cold

	you panic, you begin to

	something is following you,
	or so it seems

	and no, you can't turn back

	your worst nightmares have
	come alive

		inside of Camelot Dreams . . .


Your worst Nightmares are about to be realized . . .

My Humble Abode Home

All graphics on this Page (including Background) and, of course, the Poetry, were created and written exclusively by me, Susan Stumpf, for my Camelot Dreams Theme Membership Pages. If you take them, I shall hunt you down with my trusty sword. I'll find you.
Copyright retained by Susan Stumpf of Rainbow Walkers 2001-2002