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	from the sky, the Unicorns lit up the darkness
	they crashed into the waves, riding the caps with fierce thunder

	and so the Earth seemed to have for
	a moment stood still
	as Lofty Gods awoke from their
		long, peaceful 
					and distant slumber

	and the Ocean Maiden rode with them
	to their unspeakable journey across
	splashing depths of blues and greens

	for what purpose could have wrought this union, you ask?
	yet the answer can only
			be found
				in your wildest Camelot Dreams . . . .


May the Journey, and the Legend,
                     Continue . . .

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All graphics on this Page (including Backgrounds and Silver Frame Border) and, of course, the Poetry, were created and written exclusively by me, Susan Stumpf, for my Camelot Dreams Theme Membership Pages. If you take them, I shall hunt you down with my trusty sword.
Copyright retained by Susan Stumpf of Rainbow Walkers 2001-2002