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walk gently but quickly
with your eyes open wide

the forest shakes silently
from the creatures
that hide

they watch you pass by
like a swirling blade of grass

and you reach your destination
so you think, alas!

and you open a door
and in the light streams

but your thrown against the

		into Camelot Dreams . . .


I want to thank the Members of Camelot Dreams for inviting me into their Enchanted Lair . . .

Below please find Welcome Banners sent to me by the Ladies of Camelot Dreams. I thank you all for your talents and I'm looking forward in helping to create those Magical Dreams. For this purpose, I have also joined the Camelot Dreams "Dream Weaver Team." Banners below link to the sites of their "creators."




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All Graphics on these Pages and Poetry were created and written exclusively by me, Susan Stumpf, for my Camelot Dreams Theme Membership Pages. If you take them, I shall hunt you down with my trusty sword and my Pet Dragon.
Copyright retained by Susan Stumpf of Rainbow Walkers 2001-2002