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She was a beauty too, tall (16.1hh), solid black, and with a Heart of Gold to match. Bought her along with a sorrel walking mare named Honey. They were inseparable, and great trail riding horses.

Unfortunately, though they were purebred Tennessee Walking Horses, the previous owner never completed their registration forms nor got either of them bloodtyped in time to be on record. We kept them for about six months to eight months and I will never forget when we went to sell them, they acted up with everyone who came to look at them, as if they knew "they were being sold." I mean serious acting up too, bucking, rearing, refusing to respond to the bit at all, stuff they NEVER did with us, I swear!! It was really embarassing. Howard and I looked on in genuine horror because we were selling these two mares as we knew them to be since we had them: gentle, solid as a rock, easy-to-handle, bomb-proof, child-safe seasoned trail riding horses. As soon as the prospective buyers would leave disappointed and frustrated and bewildered I'm sure, (and you could hardly blame them, some came a long distance), Howard and I would take Beauty and Honey immediately on a two-hour trail ride to straighten them up and yet they behaved with us like they always did - perfect in every way and wonderfully well-mannered ladies. I think they didn't want to go, but you know, we wanted to start getting into the breeding end of the business as well as trail riding and so we knew in order to do that, we needed registered horses. Eventually, both Beauty and Honey went to good homes, but sadly enough, were separated in the end.