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All Awards link to the Sites that graciously bestowed these beautiful Awards to me, and I thank you all for your support and eternal kindness.

Thank you Kat Griggs for the Beautiful Award and Recognition Plaque for my love and deep respect for Wolves and Soul Desire to keep the Spirit of the Wolf Alive in All of us. Many pages of my Website are dedicated not only to my own Wolf Kody that I used to own, but to ALL Wolves and their preserverance through human ignorance and cruelty leading toward their extinction. God forbid this from happening and may sites like mine and others enlighten and instill a deep appreciation for this misunderstood creature of beauty and mystery and haunting parallel to the struggles within ourselves.

Spirit of the Wolf Recognition Plaque

Spirit of the Wolf Award

Thank you again Camelot Dreams for this Team Effort Award of the Dreamweavers of which I am Member:

Thank you Rose for finding my site worthy of this pretty award.

Thank you Golden Web Awards for this Golden Web Award for 2002-2003.

I took a Wolf Quiz on White Wolves' Site and won this Wolf Award.

I applied for this Diamond Award, so, at this stage, I'm still just an applicant.

Kince, one of our Assistant Creators in WOSIB, awarded me this Banner for me just acting like a WOSIB Sister to another WOSIB Sister in need. Thank you Kince, a very talented Lady indeed and its an honor to be associated with you and with WOSIB:

Debbie is one of my WOSIB Sisters and awarded me this. Well, I tell you, she's the friend and inspiration to ME, so I should be giving her an Award. But anyway, it means a lot from this lady who has grown artistically (PSP speaking) by leaps and bounds. Debbie and I share a common love of Native American Midis, wolves, and such. Thank you Debbie. What an honor I hope I can live up to:

Debbie of Eternal Eve Acres whom I am associated with the wonderful Equine Stationary Group called Equine_Graphic_Fun_Stationary awarded me this. Thank you Debbie, I love it and shall cherish it always:

I won an Award for Creator of the Month with my Online Group, WOSIB. Thank you WOSIB, I owe it to you the growth in my PSP skills and knowledge of graphical designs. I should award YOU for putting up with me, LOL; thank you very much for this great honor:

I won an Award for Member of the Month with an Online STAT Group, Equine Graphic Fun Stationary. Thank you EGFS for allowing me in this Exclusive Stat Group to be among other Horse Lovers like myself. Its easy to be inspired by you:


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